Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Money Talk. All about my wealth

Thanks for stopping by! So today I want to tell you all about my wealth and how it is possible that a 25-year-old girl owns so much stuff. If you want to know where my money came from, keep on reading :)

'The vulture and the little girl' by Kevin Carter, 1993

Seen this photo before? It is called 'The vulture and the little girl'. What can you see when you look at it? I see a vulture waiting for a little girl to die so he can eat her.

Let me tell you this story in a nutshell.
The photo was taken by a South African photojournalist called Kevin Carter. He flew to South Sudan during the second Sudanese civil war in 1993.  He joined the United Nations and was there to document a starvation caused by the war.  
Anyways. He saw a girl who was struggling to crawl to the food centre. STRUGGLING TO CRAWL TO THE FOOD CENTRE! I don't think I will ever get over those words. Seeing this photography for the first time a few years ago was the most humbling experience of my life. The most heartbreaking, unfair, traumatic and painful thing I ever saw. Kevin Carter waited for a perfect moment to take a photo, he took it, drove the vulture away and left. Did you know that he committed suicide a few months later? Many of you may ask why he did not help her. He was actually told not to touch anybody for fear of spreading disease. 

What have we done to this world? All of us here, in the first world countries? They suffer, so we can be relaxed living our 'happy' lives and keep buying stuff, thinking we buy happiness Don't even try to say that Africa is poor.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Africa has actually a huge quantity of natural sources, including gold, silver, diamonds, salt, petroleum and much more. 

Look at that girl!  Look at her sense of survival.  I can not stop wondering what her name was and how old she was. I am wondering if she knew what happiness was and if she ever laughed. She died on her way to the food centre. Or maybe a second after she got there. What was she supposed to receive in there? A sip of water? A handful of rice? A corncob? 

So, now I 'll tell you about my wealth. That's why we all are here, right?

I have two legs and two hands. I can talk, therefore communicate. I can see and hear. And I can smell. I have a roof over my head. Clean water in the tap. Toilet. I have a fridge full of fresh food. And a freezer filled to the brim, if I  run out of fresh stuff. My son has hundreds of clothes, toys and books. We spend hours reading them together. We have a car. Clean and safe. And a cat who leaves tonnes of fluffy fur behind. I have a soft carpet underneath my feet, so they are never cold.
We are healthy, and we have free medical services available just a call away. I have a bookshelf filled with books. And a big lipstick collection. I believe that they make me look prettier. But do they really? 
My son crawls around the flat and laughs a lot.  The healthy breast milk is just one smile away from him. But sometimes when I watch him crawling, I see this poor girl instead. And I wonder how many kids have died so mine can live a wealthy life in a clean and modern country.
Yes, wealthy life. You may think that I am just a working class girl. how can I talk about wealth? well, I am wealthy. And you are, too. Stop for a second and think what you are grateful for today. And repeat it. Everyday.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A letter to my Son- Courage

My Dearest Son,

in everyday life, you need a lot of courage. You need to be brave to ride a bicycle for the first time. Put that helmet on, hold the handles firmly, put your feet on pedals, and go. Even if you fall once, twice or ten times. Stand up. Have the courage to face this challenge again tomorrow. Nothing feels better that victory after you were about to quit.

You need to have the courage to speak up your mind. If all your friends love football, but you prefer tennis- say it at loud. If you're not a fan of computer games- say it out loud. If you don't want to smoke that cigarette, drink that beer or smoke that skunk- say it out loud. You need the courage to be different than others. Well, we all are different, so do not compare yourself to others. There will be always somebody younger and somebody older than you, taller and shorter. Slimmer and fatter. Richer and poorer. Just be the best version of yourself.

Have the courage to be a good person. Protect the ones who can not protect themselves. Share. Share your love, your food, your belongings with those, who have less. Never turn your head away from hunger and poverty. Have the courage to love whoever you want. But allow this love to grow organically and care about it a lot.
Have the courage to chase your dreams. Even the biggest, the craziest, the ones which seem unreal.

And never stop dreaming.

'It's tough' you may think. 'What about a fear'? Fear is a part of human life. It will always exist. Accept it and learn to live with it.

In the moment of hesitation, remember that I decided to bring you to this world because I was certain that you will be brave enough to live your life to the fullest. I hope I did give you all of the tools needed.

Courage is the secret of life. It is what freedom is made of. And only a brave man will be free.

My Love, have the courage to say to me 'stop' when I treat you unfair. I hope I'll never will, but please- do. And encourage me to have the courage to be myself forever. I love you!

Mum x


Friday, 21 July 2017

My favourite summer vegan perfume! 'Tahitian Gardenia' by Pacifica

The sense of smell is very underestimated. It clearly isn't as important in our life as vision or hearing are, but this sense can take us on a journey to a different world. I truly believe that scents can determine our mood and feelings. Some of them are uplifting, some relaxing. Some rather depressing 😃
I love perfumes and the magic they ooze around people.  I am extremely sensitive though! Most of the mainstream fragrances give me headaches or make me nauseous. Or both! A bad smell can really ruin my mood. Not to mention that a vast majority of perfumes is not cruelty-free!
Finding a delicious, unique cruelty-free or vegan scent very is tough. Luckily, Pacifica is ready to accommodate a client like me!

As Pacifica's products aren't very widely available in the UK, (except some online stores and selected Holland and Barett branches) I have purchased the Tahitian Gardenia perfume online. Without giving it a sniff before (what a risk 😁). As soon as the perfume arrived, I fell in love with it!
It is an exotic combination of Jasmine, Sweet Orange, Tea Leaves and Ylang Ylang. The first thing that comes to my mind, when I smell it, is a group of hippies dancing in Tahiti. Yes, Frankie is there, too! It is a scent of happiness, joy, relax, and freedom. Floral with a bit of citrusy zest to it, too. It's fun and elegance in one!
The bottle really represents the scent very well. It's pretty, it's fun and it is quite small so easy to store. The longevity of Tahitian Gardenia is decent (it lasts around 5h on me). I wish it was a bit more long-lasting, but for its price (£20 for 29 ml) is great.
This certainly is my new favourite summer fragrance!

I am excited to check out more Pacifica products in the future, especially their perfumes!
What is your favourite vegan or cruelty free fragrance? comment down below. Thanks for reading! x


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

'Girls can do anything a boy can do and more'! 'Anne with an E' review

Amybeth McNulty in an opening of 'Anne with an E'. Photo credit: Netflix and CBC Television

I was lucky enough to discover the power of literature as a young girlOne of my favourite pieces of furniture in my family house was an old bookshelf in my bedroom. It was filled with books. Some of them were old, some new, but all so special to me. One of the novels I loved the most as a child was the 'Anne of Green Gables' by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I will never forget it's cover- a beautiful red-headed young girl sitting on a porch of a beautiful house, filled with plants and flowers. It was intriguing for a youngster like me. So magical. It looked like this pretty girl with plaits wangled her way into the Secret Garden. 'Anne of Green Gables' is one of those books which will always have a place in my heart. I was captivated by a story of an orphan with great imagination, great dreams and even greater personality. It was sometime in April I have read on one of the blogs that Netflix and CBC are coming out with a series based on one of my favourite books of all time. I was so excited!

Amybeth McNulty as Anne Shirley in 'Anne with an E'    Photo credit: Netflix and CBC Television

The first question that appeared in my mind after I've heard about the series was- who is going to play Anne? This character is so unique and quirky that bad choice of an actress would have ruined the series. But Amybeth McNulty is great! 
Her charisma and natural talent, along with great acting skills, helped her to create Anne I love. With her pride, garrulity, forgetfulness, flippancy, sublimity and her love for pathos.My heart grows with excitement when I see that the new generation of actors is just so good.
The cast of this series is fantastic. They all are just the way I imagined them. Marilla (Geraldine James) distinguished and cold. And always shy Matthew (R.H. Thomson). Diana, with her black curls and cute dimples in her cheeks (Dalila Bela). And Gilbert! Oh, Gilbert. Lucas Jade Zumann is a dream Gilbert. So intelligent, withdrawn, noble young gentleman. Do I need to mention that I had a crush on Gilbert growing up? The script of 'Anne with an E' is very well written. I liked some of the slight changes and additions to the original story. Some of them were a little bit incomprehensible to me. One thing I have to say, though, no other adaptation of 'Anne of Green Gables' is like this.

Dalila Bela and Amybeth McNulty in 'Anne with an E'    Photo credit: Netflix and CBC Television

The cinematography and edit of 'Anne with an E' are just beautiful. I love the modern way of filming and the sublime game the light and the shadows play to portray Anne's feelings and emotions. So clever. 
The costumes and scenography are excellent and totally believable for the period. 
I can not stop to enthuse over the incredible opening of this series. It is breathtaking, poetic and symbolic! Thank you, Alan Williams and Brad Kunkle for bringing a bit of magic to my life! The beauty of their art, combined with an iconic song from 1996 ('Ahead by a Century' by the Tragically Hip), created an intro which certainly is ahead of a century!
I adore the powerful feminist message this series sends, as well as the fact that the series creators didn't remain indifferent to child abuse and bullying.
However, this is a very bleak adaptation of  'Anne of Green Gables'. What the series is lacking, in my opinion, is just a bit of humour. The novel is a lighthearted comedy, and to me, this is its best quality. This is what made me reread this book over and over. I laughed a lot reading the novel, but I only slightly smiled a few times, watching the series. In 'Anne with an E' Green Gables is not Anne's safe haven anymore. It is almost as dreary as her past life. As much as I understand the reason behind it, I wish the series was just a bit more colourful. 

Nonetheless, it was a great to see a modern take on my beloved story, and I am happy I got to spend a weekend with my long- time- no -see- friend.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Packing your baby swim bag

Hi there, if you're reading this post it means that I have convinced you to join the baby swimming lessons! Awesome! I am sure you will love it.

Here is a list of what to pack:

For your baby:

  • swimsuit,
  • towel,
  • swimming nappies,
  • dressing gown or a hooded towel,
  • nappies,
  • nappy cream,
  • wipes,
  • changing mat,
  • spare set of clothes (in case the clothes he/ she  came in get wet- extremely common in the swimming pool's changing room, right?)  :) 
  • cotton buds to clean and dry baby's ears after swimming (be careful when using them, though),
  • small, waterproof toy or a dummy (if you use one) to keep him/ her busy while you are getting dressed  
  • something to eat: a warm bottle of formula (if you are bottle-feeding your baby) or a snack (if he/she already started solids). I always breastfeed my son right after getting dressed;

For you:

  • swimsuit,
  • towel,
  • hairbrush,
  • hairband,
  • Flip Flops,
  • face cream and makeup (optional),
  • spare contact lenses or glasses (with the case),
  • change for the lockers and car park,
  • member card or any other proof of pre-payment for the course,
  • a bottle of water and a snack. Swimming stimulates appetite, and you may have no time/ opportunity to buy anything. Plus, ironically, gym cafes often offer only unhealthy food.

If you want to know how joining baby swimming lesson changed our family life, click here.


pack all items in order of using them,
remember that most of the lockers are quite narrow, so try not to over pack,
→ if you are going to the swimming pool but not joining the classes, take a bath toy with you. It will make the experience a lot more fun for your baby.

For more tips on how to arrange a stress-free swimming lesson, click here.

Have you joined the baby swimming classes yet? What do you like about it the most? How is your baby finding it? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading! <3


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why are the baby swimming classes so much fun?

Hi, I am here today to share with you all my thoughts on baby swimming classes, which we have been attending for 3,5 months now. This has been one of the best experiences I got to share with my best little friend so far. 
I was so excited to take him to the swimming pool, yet so worried. The day before our first lesson I was unimaginably stressed and couldn't stop thinking about every possible accident that could have happened. I was afraid that my son hates swimming. Oh boy, I was so wrong! He loved it. He loved every second of it. 
After the lesson, he was equally happy and exhausted.That day he had four naps in total  (it only happened once before- on the day he was born!).

Positive impact on family life

Joining the swimming classes had a massive impact on our lives. First of all- my son sleeps much better. He has a never-ending energy and nothing makes him tired. Thanks to the swimming lessons, he started falling asleep earlier and sleeps more during the day.
He is very sociable and loves interacting with other kids. He is invariably happy to see them every week. Our swimming teacher is lovely, and she encourages learning through play.
Moreover, my son now enjoys taking baths even more than before. He blows bubbles, plays with the toys and loves to splash! (Guess who's the target?)
I love watching my son swimming and excercising in water. I am very proud of him and the progress he made. Joining the classes had a big influence on my mood.I love swimming and being in the water with my son really relaxes my body and my mind.

Stress-free swimming

This will be a new experience for both you and your baby, so you need to plan ahead and prepare everything well to avoid unnecessary stress. 

1. Before you book a class, phone the swimming pool and find out all the details. You need to know if the water is the right temperature (about 31-32degrees C), if there is an on-site car park available, if there are baby changing rooms and a separate room (or larger lockers) to store the pushchair. 

2. A few days in advance check if you have all the stuff you need (baby swimsuit, swimming nappies etc.). Don't leave the shopping for the last-minute

3. Pack your bag the night before the first lesson (click here for the 'what to pack' checklist).

4. Choose comfortable clothes for both you and your baby.

5. Remember that baby's health and safety comes first. Keep an eye on him and don't let him drink the water from the pool (very odd, but many kids love it). Wrap him up in a towel or robe right after you take him out of the water. If your baby seems unwell, do not take him to the swimming pool.

Enjoy it! Swimming with your baby will be so much fun! x


Monday, 12 June 2017

Liquid lipsticks I did not like

Liquid lipsticks conquered the makeup world a while ago. As a huge fan of matte lips, I am always looking for new and exciting products. Some of them positively surprised me- like my beloved Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks. Today, though, I will write about those, who were a real let down.


This is probably the biggest disappointment in my makeup life. I had such a high hopes for this product. The luxurious packaging and beautiful shade of pink tempted me,
Unfortunately, this is one of the worst liquid lipsticks I have ever used. Not only it is uncomfortable and drying on the lips but also starts to flake as soon as it sets.
The wand picks up such a small amount of product which makes the application a real hassle. Sadly, I can not even do a proper lip swatch for you as the lipstick has dried out 3 months after opening.
A real let down.


I really wanted to love these liquid lipsticks! I ordered them as soon as they came out as I was obsessed with the swatches I saw online. Unfortunately, they are everything I dislike in liquid lipsticks. They have very thick consistency and apply patchily. They are very uncomfortable to wear and start to crumble immediately.
The lip pencils are way too creamy and they break easily. Again, the colours are amazing, but the quality is very poor. I have read a few positive reviews of the lighter colours, but I am not sure if I will give them a go. Worth to mention that the lip kits retail for £6 and they consist of a liquid lipstick and a matching lip pencil.

Have you discovered any exciting lip products lately? Or, perhaps, have any disappoint you?
Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

'Woman' stands for strength, creativity, intelligence and independence!

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in the Netflix Original Series 'Grace and Frankie'    Photo: Netflix

Are you looking for something to lift you up? To cheer you up? Something to make you want to turn your life upside down and kick start a new, better existence? Look no longer! 'Grace and Frankie' is what you need! 
This is a story about two couples in their 70s (do not close the page yet!) facing the hurricane of their lifetimes! And it all starts with an announcement- the men decide to leave their wives and start a new life together. This could be a plot for an Oscar-winning drama/tearjerker. But it is an uplifting comedy!
Instead of spoiling the plot, I 'll tell you about all the reasons I love 'Grace and Frankie' and convince you to start watching it right now. 

First of all, the series has a fantastic cast! All of the actors got a chance to show off their impressive skills as the characters created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris are incredible. I love all of them, but my favourites are:

Sol (Sam Waterston)- he melts my heart. I love everything about him! The way he moves, the way he talks. I grin from ear to ear only when I look at him. What an exceptional performance by Sam Waterston! 

Frankie (Lily Tomlin) always stays true to herself. She is the sweetest woman on Earth. A free spirit, hippie and an artist. She is hilarious. 

Grace (Jane Fonda) makes me regret not having an exercise routine and dietary self-control. She is so chic and beautiful. Goals!

And Brianna (June Diane Raphael). Well, she is a bad ass. A likeable villain.

Another selling point of this series is its script. 
It is full of jokes and a dark sense of humour. It is witty and well-written. I'll bet people will be quoting 'Grace and Frankie' for decades.

Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen in the Netflix Original series 'Grace and Frankie'.     Photo: Netfilx

'Grace and Frankie' shows gay love 
in an unusual, for mainstream productions, way.  The relationship between Sol and Robert is neither too romantic nor excessively sexual. It's real, and that's what makes it so special.

The series also focuses on empowering women, and this is what I love about it the most.
It proves that 'woman' stands for strength, creativity, intelligence and independence.  Not in an 'I burned my bra' way, but rather: ' I started living an exciting life in my 70s, right after my husband confessed being a gay and left me' way.

Thanks to this series I am not scared of getting old anymore! Grace, Frankie, Sol, Rob and Babe show that you can have an exciting life when you're over 30! And what is even more important, they prove that older adults can have a sexual life. It is not all reserved only for the youngsters. 


Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mummy, please don't leave me alone!

'I am anxious.'
'I am depressed.'
'I can not count on my parents.'
'I had a panic attack yesterday.'
'Why do I feel anxious and panicky?'
'I want to kill myself because nobody loves me.'

How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said that? Scientists proved that letting your baby cry out develops anxiety, depression and antisocial personality disorder. It lowers his IQ and causes an extreme stress. Sadly, this is still a very commonly used way of putting babies to sleep.
What is the infamous 'cry it out' method about? Well, this is a sleeping training. You can torture- train your child to 'soothe' himself to sleep. Some parents are exceptionally proud that their babies have mastered this skill. But do they know that they have killed their babies' trust and sense of security?

I dedicate this post to all parents who let their babies cry out. Read it, if you're one of them

Imagine yourself and the person you love and trust the most travel somewhere together.
You feel excited to visit a new place, meet people you've heard amazing things about. You have been waiting for this trip for months!
The flight was long, stressful and tiring. You are not so excited about this whole thing anymore. You are in a totally new place. Somewhere you have never been before. People are strange. They are not as cool as you thought they would be. They speak a bizarre language you have never heard beforeYou don't understand them, and they don't understand you. Nothing looks familiar. You are scared. But, hey- your Love is with you. He speaks their language, and he has been here before, so you trust him more than you ever did.
After you have checked in to the hotel and ate your lunch, you decided to go for a walk. He wanted to show you his favourite spot in the town to help you relax and de-stress. He took you to the forrest. Gosh, this forest is enormous, dark and horrifying.  You walk hand in hand, you kiss, and hug. Thanks God, he's with you! His touch makes you feel so safe! You forgot all about the scary darkness of this forest, about long flight and bizarre people. 
You are so happy! You feel like you are having the time of your life. You never loved and trusted anyone like this before. Nobody has ever loved you like this. The sunbeams softly touch your skin. You laugh a lot. He says you look like a Queen of the Forest. He wants to capture this moment, so he steps away for a minute to pick up some flowers for his Queen. Then, out of the blue, the nastiest looking guy appears in front of you. He has the most petrifying face you have seen in your life. This ugly guy is pointing a gun at you. At first, you think it is a joke. Life couldn't be any more ironic! You were just having the time of your life. But after a few seconds, it gets to you. He wants to kill you. You paralyze. But then you remind that your loved one is right behind the rock. He definitely sees the guy. You know he is watching. You know that your Love can help you and he will! He said he would give his life for you. Where is he?
The killers face goes redder. He is breathing deeply. His fingers are on the trigger. You know he may pull it anytime. You start to sweat, your legs are shaking. You feel you will fall. You want to scream, but you can't. Your voice got stuck in your throat.
You are painting heavily and watching guy's face. He is pointing the gun right at your chest. He won't miss this shot. You inhale the deepest you can and start to shout. You shout louder and louder. He is watching you and laughing. Where is your Love? Where is he? You started to lose your hope. Nobody responds to your desperate call. You scream at the top of your lungs. Why can't he hear you?
And then something unexpected happens. The guy just walks away. You think he may want to shoot you in the back of your head. You turn around rapidly, but he just walks away. You are shocked. You fall on the ground and cry. These are the worst moments of your life.
And then your Love returns. He smiles to you and tries to hug you. You yell at him. He doesn't want to explain where he was. On the one hand, you want somebody to hug you on the other you don't want to see his face. A face of a coward.

And now imagine that this happens to you a few times a day. The only person you know and trust betrays you. But your love is so deep and the fear so great that you can not separate from him. Without him, you'll die. 

Your baby cries, because he needs you. Only your touch, your voice, and your smell can soothe him. He only trusts his parents. If you brought him to his world- you are responsible for him.
Do not let him down! Do not destroy his mentality at this young age!

Think about the worse moment in your life, and how much you needed somebody to listen to you and to hug you. You can speak. You can read. You can write. A newborn is only able to cry. Do not break his heart. Do not torture him. Go and hug him. Take him into your shoulders, sing a quiet lullaby. Prove him that his mother cares. Prove him that his mother loves. Prove him he can count on his parents. Prove him his parents are human.

Nie bądź dupkiem! Przytul.

Ile razy słyszałaś o tym, że ktoś ma napady lękowe? Że ktoś ma depresję? Że jest załamany i nie potrafi nikomu zaufać? Że chce się zabić? A ile razy sama wypowiadałaś takie słowa?
Naukowcy dowiedli, że wypłakiwanie się to nie tylko ogromny stres dla niemowlęcia, ale też stany lękowe, depresja oraz tendencje antyspołeczne w przyszlosci. I niższe IQ.
Niestety, jest to wciąż jedna z najbardziej popularnych metod usypiania dzieci.

Czym jest ferberyzacja? To trening snu. Torturą można wytrenować (a moze powinnam napisac wytresować?) swoje dziecko tak, żeby samo zasypiało. Niektórzy rodzice sa niezwykle dumni z efektow tej metody, i tego,ze ich pociechy opanowaly do perfekcji zasypianie w samotności.Tylko czy ci rodzice wiedzą, że zabili juz poczucie bezpieczeństwa i zaufanie u swojego dziecka?

Dedykuję ten post wszystkim rodzicom, którzy pozwalają swoim dzieciom się wypłakiwać. Zapraszam cię do przeczytania go, jeśli jesteś jednym/ jedną z nich.

Wyobraź sobie, że ty i osoba, którą najbardziej na świecie kochasz i której najbardziej ufasz, jedziecie gdzieś razem. Jesteś podekscytowana tym, że zwiedzisz nowe miejsca i nareszcie poznasz ludzi, o których tyle dobrego słyszałaś. Czekałaś na tę podróż od miesięcy!

Lot był długi, stresujący i bardzo męczący. Straciłaś już początkowy entuzjazm. Jesteś w zupełnie nowym miejscu. Ludzie porozumiewają sie dziwnym językiem, którego nigdy wcześniej  nie słyszałaś. Nie rozumiesz ich, a oni ciebie. Zaczynasz się bać, ale po chwili przypominasz sobie, ze twój ukochany jest z tobą. On zna ich język i był tu już kiedyś. Wieszże tylko na niego możesz liczyć i ufasz mu bardziej, niż kiedykolwiek.
Po zameldowaniu się do hotelu i pysznym obiedzie, zdecydowaliście się pójść na spacer. Twój ukochany chciał zabrać cię do swojego ulubionego miejsca w tej okolicy, żebyś mogla się odstresować i zapomnieć o trudach podróży. Zabrał cię na spacer do lasu. Tutaj nawet las wygląda inaczej! Jest jakby większy i jeszcze bardziej przerażający.  Idziecie, trzymając się za ręce, całujecie się i przytulacie. Jego dotyk sprawia, że czujesz się taka bezpieczna! Całkowicie zapomniałaś już o przerażającej cię ciemności tego lasu, o ludziach, którzy dziwnie cię traktowali i o nerwowej podróży.
Jesteś taka szczęśliwa! Jak nigdy dotąd! Czujesz, że właśnie zaczął się najpiękniejszy okres w twoim życiu. Słońce otula twoją skórę, śmiejecie się. On nazywa cię swoją królową. Chce uchwycić ten moment, ale do idealnego zdjęcia brakuje mu tylko kwiatów. Odchodzi na chwile, żeby jakieś zebrać. Królowej nie przystoi pozować bez kwiatów!
Nagle, zupełnie z nienacka, pojawia się przed tobą przerażający facet. Ma najokropniejszą twarz, jaka widziałaś w życiu. Celuje do ciebie pistoletem. Na początku myślisz, że to musi być żart! Zycie nie mogło być już bardziej ironiczne. Dopiero co byłaś taka szczęśliwa..
Po kilku sekundach dociera do ciebie, co się dzieje. Strach paraliżuje cale twoje ciało. Wtedy przypominasz sobie,ze twój ukochany jest blisko. Wiesz , że obserwuje całą tę sytuację i widzi, że jesteś w niebezpieczeństwie. Wiesz, że on ci pomoże. Zawsze powtarza, że oddałby za ciebie życie.
Gdzie on jest?!
Twarz mężczyzny robi się coraz bardziej czerwona. Jego oddech coraz głębszy. Widzisz oplecione wokół spustu palce, gotowe pociągnąć za niego w każdej chwili.
Oblewasz się potem. Trzęsą ci się nogi. Czujesz, że zaraz upadniesz. Chciałabyś krzyczeć, ale głos ci utkwił gdzieś w gardle. Twój oddech jest coraz cięższy. Z przerażeniem patrzysz na jego twarz. Celuje prosto w twoje serce. Wiesz, z nie chybi. Wciągasz powietrze i zaczynasz krzyczeć, jak tylko najgłośniej możesz. 

I nagle sta
o się coś, czego nigdy byś się nie spodziewała. Ten człowiek po prostu sobie poszedł. Odwracasz się nerwowo, bo boisz się, że spróbuje oddać strzał w tył głowy. Ale on idzie przed siebie. Jesteś w szoku. Z przerażeniem upadasz na ziemię i głośno płączesz. I wtedy powraca twój ukochany. Z uśmiechem na ustach wyciąga ręce i próbuje cię przytulić. Krzyczysz na niego. A on nie chce wytłumaczyć gdzie był i dlaczego nie chciał ci pomoc. Z jednej strony chciałabyś, żeby ktoś cię przytulił, z drugiej nie chcesz widzieć jego twarzy. Twarzy tchórza.

A teraz wyobraź sobie, że taka sytuacja przydarza ci się kilka razy dziennie. Jedyna osoba na całym świecie, której ufasz, opuszcza cię. Ale twoja miłość do niej i ogromny strach nie pozwalają ci od niej odejść. Wiesz, że bez niej umrzesz.

Twoje dziecko płacze, bo cię potrzebuje. 
Tylko twój głos, zapach i dotyk mogą je uspokoić. Ono ufa tylko swoim rodzicom. Jeśli zaprosiłaś go na ten świat, jesteś za niego
odpowiedzialna. Nie zawiedź go! Nie zepsuj mu psychiki już na samym początku jego życia.

Pomyśl o najgorszym chwilach w twoim życiu. O tym, jak bardzo potrzebowałaś, żeby ktoś cię wysłuchał i przytulił. Pamiętaj, ze ty potrafisz się komunikować i wyrażać swoje uczucia lepiej, niż maleńkie dziecko. Potrafisz mówić, czytać i pisać. Ono potrafi tylko płakać. Nie torturuj swojego dziecka! Idź i je przytul. Weź je w ramiona, zaśpiewaj cichą kołysankę. Udowodnij mu, że jego mamie zależy na nim. Udowodnij mu, że może ufać swoim rodzicomŻe jego rodzicie to tez ludzie. Nie bądź dupkiem, przytul! 


Friday, 28 April 2017

My favourite Zoeva brushes

Zoeva rules the brush 'division' in the makeup world these days. I am not surprised whyThey do medium-priced, high-quality brushes. I love their design and perfect execution.

I haven't seen any of them losing even a single bristle. The handles are of a perfect size, which makes Zoeva brushes easy to work with. Single brushes come in nicely looking pouches, and the sets come in stylish makeup bags.

128 Cream Cheek Brush

This is one of the most used brushes in my collection. it was designed to apply blush (cream and powder) however I use it for contouring. It fits perfectly to the hollows of my cheeks and applies my bronzer/ contouring powder evenly and effortlessly. Sooner or later I will have to repurchase it as the bristles started to bend. 
It is a hero though, as I have used it over 900 times!

227v Vegan Soft Definer Brush

I use it to blend my eyeshadows with (well, obviously). It is much flatter than the typical blending brushes, and it is oval shaped.
I wasnt so sure about it at first, but now I love it. It blends my eyeshadow beautifully and effortlessly
The vegan taklon bristles are so soft!

223 Petit Eye blender

Another hit! I used it almost every single day. It is perfect for smudging the eyeliner on the top lid and the eyeshadow on the bottom lid. Amazing to apply the beige shadow under the brow. I use it in so many ways. This brush is ideal for small/ medium-sized eyes, 

122 Petit Stippling Brush

I prefer powders over creams. But if I do use cream products, I always apply them with this brush.  It is perfectly designed. It picks up just the right amount of product and applies it seamlessly. It fits right into the hollows of my cheeks and applies contour cream precisely. 
It can also be used to apply foundation, concealer, blush or highlighter with. 

Zoeva brushes are the bomb! Have you tried them? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments! x

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