Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mummy, please don't leave me alone!

'I am anxious.'
'I am depressed.'
'I can not count on my parents.'
'I had a panic attack yesterday.'
'Why do I feel anxious and panicky?'
'I want to kill myself because nobody loves me.'

How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said that? Scientists proved that letting your baby cry out develops anxiety, depression and antisocial personality disorder. It lowers his IQ and causes an extreme stress. Sadly, this is still a very commonly used way of putting babies to sleep.
What is the infamous 'cry it out' method about? Well, this is a sleeping training. You can torture- train your child to 'soothe' himself to sleep. Some parents are exceptionally proud that their babies have mastered this skill. But do they know that they have killed their babies' trust and sense of security?

I dedicate this post to all parents who let their babies cry out. Read it, if you're one of them

Imagine yourself and the person you love and trust the most travel somewhere together.
You feel excited to visit a new place, meet people you've heard amazing things about. You have been waiting for this trip for months!
The flight was long, stressful and tiring. You are not so excited about this whole thing anymore. You are in a totally new place. Somewhere you have never been before. People are strange. They are not as cool as you thought they would be. They speak a bizarre language you have never heard beforeYou don't understand them, and they don't understand you. Nothing looks familiar. You are scared. But, hey- your Love is with you. He speaks their language, and he has been here before, so you trust him more than you ever did.
After you have checked in to the hotel and ate your lunch, you decided to go for a walk. He wanted to show you his favourite spot in the town to help you relax and de-stress. He took you to the forrest. Gosh, this forest is enormous, dark and horrifying.  You walk hand in hand, you kiss, and hug. Thanks God, he's with you! His touch makes you feel so safe! You forgot all about the scary darkness of this forest, about long flight and bizarre people. 
You are so happy! You feel like you are having the time of your life. You never loved and trusted anyone like this before. Nobody has ever loved you like this. The sunbeams softly touch your skin. You laugh a lot. He says you look like a Queen of the Forest. He wants to capture this moment, so he steps away for a minute to pick up some flowers for his Queen. Then, out of the blue, the nastiest looking guy appears in front of you. He has the most petrifying face you have seen in your life. This ugly guy is pointing a gun at you. At first, you think it is a joke. Life couldn't be any more ironic! You were just having the time of your life. But after a few seconds, it gets to you. He wants to kill you. You paralyze. But then you remind that your loved one is right behind the rock. He definitely sees the guy. You know he is watching. You know that your Love can help you and he will! He said he would give his life for you. Where is he?
The killers face goes redder. He is breathing deeply. His fingers are on the trigger. You know he may pull it anytime. You start to sweat, your legs are shaking. You feel you will fall. You want to scream, but you can't. Your voice got stuck in your throat.
You are painting heavily and watching guy's face. He is pointing the gun right at your chest. He won't miss this shot. You inhale the deepest you can and start to shout. You shout louder and louder. He is watching you and laughing. Where is your Love? Where is he? You started to lose your hope. Nobody responds to your desperate call. You scream at the top of your lungs. Why can't he hear you?
And then something unexpected happens. The guy just walks away. You think he may want to shoot you in the back of your head. You turn around rapidly, but he just walks away. You are shocked. You fall on the ground and cry. These are the worst moments of your life.
And then your Love returns. He smiles to you and tries to hug you. You yell at him. He doesn't want to explain where he was. On the one hand, you want somebody to hug you on the other you don't want to see his face. A face of a coward.

And now imagine that this happens to you a few times a day. The only person you know and trust betrays you. But your love is so deep and the fear so great that you can not separate from him. Without him, you'll die. 

Your baby cries, because he needs you. Only your touch, your voice, and your smell can soothe him. He only trusts his parents. If you brought him to his world- you are responsible for him.
Do not let him down! Do not destroy his mentality at this young age!

Think about the worse moment in your life, and how much you needed somebody to listen to you and to hug you. You can speak. You can read. You can write. A newborn is only able to cry. Do not break his heart. Do not torture him. Go and hug him. Take him into your shoulders, sing a quiet lullaby. Prove him that his mother cares. Prove him that his mother loves. Prove him he can count on his parents. Prove him his parents are human.


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